Cloudflare 1111 WARP+ VPN (12.000 TB)


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📝 Instructions for using the product
1. Install1.1.1.1 on your device– https//
2. In the charger on the taskbar, find underpinningclick on the” settings” icon and open them
.” Account“” Use another key” enter the bought crucial
4. Done!

📌 Information rules
• Cloudflare Warp VPN is blocked in the Russian Federation( like other VPNs), but the company is successfully fighting these blocks. To spark the key, in some cases, you may need to use any free VPN/ Proxy( recommendations in the FAQ). The dealer is only responsible for the performance of the key( during the bond period), and if at some point the RKN blocks the servicealso you’ll have to stay until the company bypasses this blocking, claims in this case aren’t accepted
• The quantum of business may vary, but not lower than11.000 TERABYTES
• We don’t make a refund, only a relief in case of inoperability of the account with an identical product
• If you have any problems, you should communicate the” Correspondence with the dealer
⚠️ By copping product, you automatically agree with the description and rules.
If you don’t agree with at least one condition– DO NOT buy this product.


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